Game Development

Gaming is one of the fastest-growing industry sectors with nearly 3 billion gamers worldwide. It is also what drove me to become a software engineer! While I'm not a game developer these days, I do have a few courses that teach you the essential skills every game developer must have.


C++ is the language of choice for building games due to its performance and efficiency. So as a game developer, the first thing you need to learn is the C++ language.

C++ 1: Fundamentals

Master the fundamentals of programming in C++. Ideal for anyone learning programming or the C++ language for the first time.

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C++ 2: Intermediate-level Topics

Level up your C++ skills. Learn all about arrays, pointers, strings, structures, and streams.

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C++ 3: Advanced Topics

Master object-oriented programming with C++. Learn all about classes, inheritance, polymorphism, exceptions, and templates.

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Version Control and Collaboration

All developers need to know how to work with a version control system to share code and collabroate effectively. Git is the most popular version control system used in most companies around the world.

The Ultimate Git Mastery Course

Everything you need to version your code and collaborate with others using Git and GitHub in one course.

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These days more and more companies are looking for software engineers who know a bit about DevOps: a set of practices for delivering software. Docker is the core tool used in this space. Knowing it helps you reach higher levels of software engineering.

The Ultimate Docker Course

Everything you need to master Docker in one clear, concise, and practical course.

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